Clare Park is a horses heaven - a property which is spread across 60 hectares of picturesque and well manicured land near Nana Glen bushland.

Divided amongst large and small paddocks with fencing, improved pastures and shelters, Clare Park is a safe environment and has second-to-none stance on the well being of your thoroughbreds. Amongst the property are a number of small turn out yards, an 11 barn stable block and foaling down yards fitted with lights - Clare Park have certainly gone above and beyond in ensuring this property caters for every need.

Located within close proximity to the beach, horses are often in a refreshed and rejuvenated mindset after a workout on the sands. To aid these facilities, Clare Park has a 10 horse walking machine, large sand rolls, treadmill, bush tracks and access to swimming pools to complete a one-stop-shop for thoroughbred racehorses. Clare Park also has stabled on-course at Coffs Harbour.

Rotating in the winter months, David and Joanne also have the benefit of having on-course stables at the Grafton racecourse. This ensures the racing stable can be up and running all year round.

A list of Clare Park Thoroughbreds facilities include:

  • High speed treadmill
  • 6 horse truck
  • 60 hectares of paddocks with shelters
  • Round yards and sand-rolls
  • 10 horse undercover walking machine
  • Sand arena
  • Foaling yards fitted with lights
  • Bush tracks
  • Access to the beach
  • On-course facilities at Coffs Harbour and Grafton